SDBA Annual Meeting in La Jolla

San Diego Book Art’s annual meeting was held in La Jolla’s Riford Library on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, which gave me ample time to enjoy a delicious brunch at Pannikin with my husband and check out the wonderful D.G. Wills Books next door before the meeting. I’m always ready for any excuse to browse a bookstore, but I didn’t find any used books to buy within my budget after browsing for about an hour. It was almost time for the meeting and I wanted to support the bookstore. Interspersed within its shelves are new copies of reading material so I bought a shiny paperback of Jung’s Memories, Dreams, Reflections, which I’ve always wanted to own and finish reading.

Some samples of Genie Shenk's books
Some samples of Genie Shenk’s books. The colors and textures were sublime to see firsthand.

After settling into my seat up front at the library and listening to announcements and accomplishments of the organization, it was time for SDBA’s special guest artist Genie Shenk’s presentation. She’s one of the founders and long time member of SDBA. The artist is known for her book arts series involving her dreams, which she’s recorded since 1982. Her works are owned by private collectors and part of university library collections.

I enjoyed Genie Shenk talk about the various themes in her art using mica, rust, or the use of space. The most poignant moment was when she mentioned her work expressing grief. I was very touched by her description about the loss of a loved one and how she expressed her personal grief through book arts.

As I listened to the presentation and committee/board members speak I felt very lucky to be in a place with such a vibrant books arts community with wonderful people willing to share their time and expertise to keep SDBA growing and thriving. It was wonderful to see and catch up with people I know in the book arts community in San Diego as well, especially Sibyl and others from Bay Park Press.

2015 looks to be an exciting year and I want to be more involved this time around so I volunteered to help with online publicity. I encourage anyone else who’s curious or interested in book arts to contact me or SDBA!

SDBA Annual Meeting in La Jolla

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