La Jolla WOW festival 2013

After our usual Thursday morning book arts class at Bay Park Press Sibyl drove a small group of us to the beautiful La Jolla Shores to see the first 1pm outdoor puppet performance, Seafoam Sleepwalk, directed by Basil Twist. This was one of the many activities to see and do as part of the WOW festival happening in San Diego. The fun, wacky, exciting performance was gigantic in scale, and the soundscape created by Yumiko Tanaka was fantastic. The beach environment added an amazing and ever-changing backdrop for showcasing the re-imagined myth of Aphrodite.

Sketch artist
Sketch artist on the beach

I highly recommend anyone who can make this event to go! Last day is this Sunday.

You’re also welcome to check out more of my photos on Flickr.

EDIT: Discovered on Twitter that the sketch artist pictured above is @inklines Michael Arthur and you can see his lovely sketches from that day on the beach here.

La Jolla WOW festival 2013

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