Austin Adventures (April 7th – April 20th)

I didn't find Austin to be a “touristy” town but it seemed like it would be a nice place to live. When I was looking online for things to see in Austin the usual advice was to go visit surrounding areas like San Antonio. Yes, Austin is known for music but Nick is not interested in music whatsoever and I'm a casual listener. The Texas capitol is also known for hosting SXSW (south by soutwest) but we missed it by a few weeks. And then, of course, there are the Congress Bridge bats to see around sunset but I was too tired to stick around to wait for the bats the day we were by the bridge.

Congress Bridge Congress Bridge

So what did we do? One weekend we walked around the capitol building grounds and checked out downtown.

Texas capitol building

Also art city austin was held that weekend (April 14-15) in downtown so we visited the different artists' tents. There were some wonderfully beautiful art work on display but the pieces that I would want were way beyond my budget.

On our walk back to our hotel from downtown I saw these 3 men dressed in vintage fashion. I just had to take a pic (one of my most favorite shots)! I wonder where they were struttin' to/from?

3 men struttin' around downtown

The following day I volunteered to help out at art city austin. I was assigned to the kid's block Colin's Hope: Imprinting Activity tent. The main purpose of the tent was to give out information to parents on water safety and drowning prevention. I helped carve potatoes for printing and enjoyed assisting the kids that stopped by.

At one point all activity stopped and there was a scramble to get underneath the tents because there was a sudden deluge of rain. One juggler, however, was nonchalantly walking around doing what he does best.

The volunteer opportunity gave me a better sense of Austin's community and supporting and promoting the arts in some way was personally satisfying.




Austin Adventures (April 7th – April 20th)

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