Reimagining Marbled Paper

Robert C. Williams Paper Museum's exhibit on marbled papers was an eye-opening experience. I did not realize the depth and breadth of this art form.

chicken leg detail of Karli Frigge's Alchemy Marble


I did try marbling paper once at New York's Center for Book Arts; I thought of marbled paper as pretty, even very beautiful at times, but did not give it much more consideration. The artists' works showcased in this exhibit completely changed my outlook. The pieces are amazing and some works remind me of contemporary art paintings.


I immediately wanted to marble some paper after seeing this show. The colors, lines, and shapes you could achieve made me drool with all the possibilities.

Oh, to own a copy of Josef Halfer's Progress of the Marbling Art (1885)


The exhibit also showcased some lovely miniature books.

I wouldn't have been able to see all that I did if it wasn't for my new friend Jim. Thank you Jim a million times over!

More photos:

Paper Museum Visit


Reimagining Marbled Paper

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