Forming connections + book arts

Due to the gratifying experience of meeting artists at art studio co-ops like Alexandria's Torpedo Factory Art Center and Raleigh's Artspace I wanted to kick it up a notch. I have now made it my mission to contact at least one book artist I can find through google who lives in the city I'm visiting. I do this in the hopes of getting some tips about what to see and do; perhaps meet in person and even make a new friend. This is normally something w-a-a-a-y out of my comfort zone as I'm most definitely an introvert but I'd hate missing a possible opportunity to learn and grow.

I did this for the first time in Georgia when I found the Atlanta BookArts Collective's blog. I e-mailed Maggi, one of the coordinators, and she generously invited me to a Saturday breakfast meeting with two other movers and shakers of the collective, Ann and Jim. (We ate at the very reasonably priced Thumbs Up Diner in the Decatur area; I had grits for the first time and I liked it!)

I had a very enjoyable time chatting about our experiences and listening about their latest book projects. This was totally worth the jumpy stomach and trembling hands I was experiencing when I woke up this morning.

Jim had to run but after breakfast Maggi, Ann, and I walked a short distance to the Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur gallery, which was featuring a book arts exhibit called Wallbound (up until May 14).

made out of clay!
great texture to this piece
I've had days like this

Apologies to the artists who made the works shown in the photos. I can't find the photos I thought I took with the info.


Saw this while Maggi was driving me back and had to take a photo. Overall, I had a stupendous day! I will be forever grateful to Maggi and I'm so thrilled to have met Ann and Jim.


Forming connections + book arts

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