2 Men + 1 Discuss Creativity

I'm always interested in hearing about aspects of creativity. I recently watched a video of a great discussion at SXSW between Kirby Ferguson and Austin Kleon, which touched on basic elements of creativity — copy, transform, combine.

Then this morning our awesome airbnb host mentioned AstroJazz, a cool-sounding event for this Friday. When I was looking up more info on this I found that there was a free lecture on creativity given by Dr. Robert Root-Bernstein later this afternoon at nearby Georgia State University. All of a sudden I have plans for today.

The lecture titled The Art of Science was geared towards the art education students. One of Dr. Root-Bernstein's messages is that the arts promote creativity, which is highly beneficial when working in other disciplines like the sciences or math. He gave examples of famous scientists like Albert Einstein and many Nobel laureates who participated in some type of art pursuit in their childhood; the arts seemed to play a major role in providing insight into their discoveries. The professor also displayed amazing statistics showing how SAT scores from 2008 are significantly lower in schools with no art classes (almost -100 points compared to the average) and the students who attended schools with 4 years of art had much higher scores that were almost 100 points above the average! (To Administrators and People in Charge — STOP CUTTING FUNDING FOR THE ARTS!)

His book goes into much more depth; I'm adding it to my wishlist. He and his wife also run a blog about creativity that I'll now be following.



2 Men + 1 Discuss Creativity

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