My obsessions with snapseed, the moon, and the book arts

I've been seduced by the snapseed app and had fun using it with today's photos. Too much? What do you think?
Penn State's Old Main building

Water tower or alien spaceship?
Not quite sure what this egg-like structure with a steeple is suppose to be. Anybody know?
The obligatory Nittany lion shrine shot.
What happened to Nittany's poor ear? (As an aside, that seems to be a very crude patch job. Reminds me of a child's attempt at fixing something and hoping the parents don't notice.)

I'm guessing you might have an inkling by now that I'm also obsessed with images of the moon … I've always loved seeing the full moon, and, whenever I see one, I stop in my tracks for at least a few moments to bask in its round lunar loveliness.

Today while Nick was working I explored the campus library's arts and humanities book offerings. Since I wanted to learn more about book arts I decided to focus on artists' books. Artists' books, as defined by Lauf & Phillpot, are “books and booklets authored by artists.” I discovered today that what I'm more passionate about are book works, which are “artworks in book form” like some of the works I've pinned on my pinterest board. I know there are workshops and graduate progams out there to learn about book binding and the book arts. I've taken a couple of great classes through Cooper Union and the Center for Book Arts in NYC.

My dream would be to apprentice with an established book binder/artist.

But for now I'll continue to read and learn.


My obsessions with snapseed, the moon, and the book arts

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