First official trip

My husband Nick and I have been planning to travel around the globe during this year before we permanently settle down somewhere and become too tied down by future family obligations. Today we finally hit the road and headed to State College, PA where Nick studied as an undergraduate at Penn State. The 3 1/2 hour bus ride went by fairly quickly between naps and enjoying the passing scenery of wide open, dramatically cloudy skies and farm land.

Cloudy Pennsylvania sky
I’ve decided to take black and white photos during the trip to play with the yellow filter lens that Mr. G has given me. I’ve used the Snapseed app to edit.

We’re staying at the Atherton Hotel during our 3 nights here. It has decent accommodations and simple amenities including wi-fi and a mini gym.

Pineapple lamp

After freeing ourselves of our luggage Nick and I went for a walk around campus. While my husband was caught up in nostalgia I was enthralled by all the beautiful trees covering the campus.

Tree limbs

I’ve always enjoyed the “line drawings” created by tree limbs against the sky.

That’s it for now. Good night all!

First official trip

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